I am finding my treatment exhausting and this app has helped me stay motivated to do some exercise every day, no matter how I feel.

Rachael A

I find it really hard to meditate, which I know will help my stress levels. I love the Mindfulness Journey as it has helped me do some simple mindfulness techniques whenever I am feeling sad or overwhelmed.

Kathy A

The app has really helped me understand what foods are best for me to eat during my recovery. The ‘Tips’ have been extremely useful and I am now incorporating many of the foods in my daily diet.

Kylie H

I knew there was a connection between Vitamin D levels and cancer. This app has helped me understand the connection and with the help of my GP my Vitamin D levels are now where they should be.

Allison L

There is so much this app gives! The way the journeys are set out is great and each one provides research based advice for everything from mindfulness to fasting.

Heidi C