Breast Cancer Recovery is a mobile app designed to give women with breast cancer a one-stop resource to aid them through their diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery, recovery and beyond.

The app includes and utilises the latest clinical and scientific evidence-based research and was produced in consultation with medical and allied health practitioners.

“If you are affected by breast cancer, we want you to be empowered to make clear and informed choices in all areas of your life to optimise your recovery, and we want you to achieve the best health outcomes, optimise your treatment efficacy, bounce back quicker and minimise treatment side effects.”
Sandra J De Poi, Founder

The information in Breast Cancer Recovery is presented as Journeys:

  • Your Exercise Journey
  • Your Nutrition Journey
  • Your Fasting Journey
  • Your Vitamin D Journey
  • Your Lifestyle Journey
  • Your Mindfulness Journey
  • Your Food Journey

With research overwhelmingly demonstrating the benefits of exercise during chemotherapy, unique to Breast Cancer Recovery is Your Exercise Journey which provides individualised exercise programs you can undertake in the comfort of your own home and includes over 100 videos demonstrating each exercise. The exercise programs are automatically adjusted in intensity based on your initial data and responses, and an ongoing feedback system about your fatigue levels, your mood and your levels of sleep. Your Exercise Journey also includes specific post-surgery exercise programs.

Breast Cancer Recovery is available to purchase for less than what it might cost for a single personal training session, plus you’ll receive ongoing updates as new research becomes available and we produce more content for each of the Journeys.

While we are confident our information will be beneficial to your recovery because it is evidenced-based and supported by the latest research, please note that Breast Cancer Recovery does not provide medical or treatment advice. Your medical team are best equipped to advise you as they have expertise in cancer treatment and will know your individual circumstances. So please be sure to consult your medical treatment team when adopting our Journeys, and feel free to share our information with them.